Modern Rules for Better Mobile App Development

Mobile phones and mobile app development has become the third wheel of the modern technology-driven world. Mobile app development has evolved in the last decade as a very promising career and as the world is ever-evolving so does the rules for mobile application development. This article will take you on a tour of the new set of rules for the mobile app building.

What is a Mobile Application?

A mobile application or mobile app is a computer program or software program that is developed for mobile devices, not just phones but also for tablets or smartwatches. Mobile applications were basically developed for essential assistance and productive services like calendar, emails or contacts the things a person need handy. But over the years, with the raising in the number of mobile phone users the type of mobile applications also rapidly grow like there are now social media applications, mobile games etc. Nowadays there are applications available for every purpose, you want to track your steps - download the application, want to read books why bother to go to market - you can read it on your application all you have to get the application.

New Rule Set

  • Addressing the Issues

The first rule is all about the idea as always but now has there are thousands of mobile applications doing the rounds in the market it’s not only about the idea anymore. Now, the first rule has been rewritten as addressing the issues and problems faced by the users through the mobile application. Nowadays, it’s not like you have an idea and you develop an application based on it, it’s more about considering the users, looking for the problems they face and then address their issues, find solutions and try to develop an application that will solve the problems. Like, due to the current situation all around the world students can’t take classes, so bringing the classes to their home is the solution. If the mobile app developers go for the applications that provide solutions rather than just developing any mobile app, they’ll be a huge success.

  • Easy-To-Use

Another rule is your application should be user-friendly and easy to use. There is no issue if an application is plain and simple but if it is easy to access, navigate and solve the problems, users are bound to like it. Easy usability of an application is the key. Easy access and an eye-catching mobile app development company is the new rule for better mobile app development.

  • The organization is the Key

Have you, ever tried to read a book from the ending or watched the movie’s climax before? No, right. Because this thing won’t make sense. Likewise, if your application doesn’t have an outline of what should come first and what should come last it won’t make sense to the user. Hence, having an outline of the application is a must.

You draw an outline for the application, you developed it well but if the activities, pages, APIs and all the other things aren’t organized then what? The users will find it difficult to navigate and operate the application. Disorganization is a threat to the developers. Bug fixing, updating the application, adding new features will be very difficult because you will not be aware of the folders and the coding.

  • App Security can’t Be Overlooked

As technology is getting advance the security threats to mobile devices, personal information and mobile applications are also increasing at a very high rate. Hence, application security is a must, to guard your application against outside attacks and as well as the data of your users.

  • Finger-Friendly (Widgets should be arranged in a finger-friendly way)

As nowadays people use only smart mobile devices, with touch-screens the applications should be finger-friendly (by finger-friendly I mean friendly to finger of every size, be it fat or small).

All of us every now and then experience an application responding incorrectly. It’s like we click on a button to open something and the app opens something else which should be the response to the adjacent button. This thing happens a lot and is very frustrating for the users. And, hence the designs and development of applications should be in a way that buttons, scroll bars and other clickable widgets have enough space between them so that can respond correctly and finger-friendly.

Wrap Up

The above article pretty well sums up the modern rules for development as per the new mobile app technology market. Hope this will help to clear the air that gathers around the modern rules and the developers will able to have a clearer view.